Cleaning up Everett’s project site will cost Wynn a fortune

Wynn Resorts announced its plans for the Everett project’s site clean-up where the Wynn Boston Harbor resort casino will be constructed.

US.- Recently, Steve Wynn visited Boston and announced Wynn Resorts had increased the budget of its projected gambling facility in Everett from US$1.7 billion to US$2 billion. Wynn Resorts has already invested US$300 million in removing all forms of dangerous toxins that might be present at the project’s site as it used to be an ex-Monsanto chemical manufacturing plant. A significant portion of the increase in the budget is destined to continue this clean-up.

Now senior representatives of the Wynn Boston Harbor resort casino provided The Massachusetts Gaming Commission a detailed report for the project’s site clean-up which also included mitigation plans. The report comprises more than 10,000 pages outlining the steps that the casino had taken to ensure environmental safety, reduce traffic problems in the areas that surround the casino and its compensation proposals to nearby towns which are expected to be impacted by the presence of the casino. The report also features 20 traffic and environmental plans that have been conducted in the last three years. These plans have been reviewed by twenty local organizations, fourteen municipalities, twelve state agencies and three federal agencies.

According to Robert DeSalvio, the president of the Wynn Boston Harbor casino, Wynn Resorts is putting together an environmental remediation of US$30 million, it will also contribute with US$266 million in the years to come to help with the development of road development, road construction and traffic demand management and the facility will allocate around US$1 billion during the next 15 years in mitigation and community payments.

“When you think about the commitment on behalf of Wynn Resorts for a project of this nature, it really is nothing short of incredible. We feel like we have done the most in depth due diligence environmental filings that any project has ever gone through that we’ve ever heard of,” DeSalvio stated.