Christian council against national lottery

Credits: Tropic Ocean Airways
Credits: Tropic Ocean Airways

The Bahamas Christian Council president, Bishop Delton Fernander, said the group remains opposed to the introduction of a national lottery.

Bahamas.- The introduction of a national lottery in Bahamas is being opposed by the Bahamas Christian Council president Bishop Delton Fernander, as he says web shops are “preying on the poor.” He urged christian ministers, from top tier ones to ministers of the Gospel, to declare their stance on the matter in order to be “able to advance the cause of Christ.”

Fernander has reacted against statements by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest, who said the introduction of a national lottery “is worth a serious look,” according to The Nassau Guardian. He noted the church’s stance against any form of gambling for considering it “a vice.”

The Bishop reminded their proposal to include measures for gambling addicts in the Gambling Bill, which were ignored by the government. He also expressed his concern over the number of shops, specially in the inner city.

“I know a lot of people might feel the church needs to be quiet but we must speak for those who cannot speak for themselves,” he said.

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