Canada is betting on mobile gaming

Most online players enter to casinos through mobile browsers rather than the desktops.

Canada.- The regional iGaming business is growing on a par with the use of mobile devices and online operators are aware of the future of the industry. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming –OLG– already announced that its online gaming property, Play OLG, will be provided through smartphones and tablets during this year. The Canadian smartphone market is one of the most profitable in the world.

The influence of this market is reaching the gambling industry as well. According to a report, more betting activities are generated through mobile browsers than traditional computers. Between 2014 and 2018, six million new smartphone users are expected to join the market. After these results, gaming companies should adapt their marketing campaigns to the new era.

Mobile gambling offers new options to achieve immediate engagement, high frequency games and more interaction between players. Operators can also send effective publicity, if they understand that current audiences are overwhelmed with advertising. However, modern technology let professionals deeply learn about customer’s behavior in order to be concise with the message they want to transmit.

Mobile gambling has another benefit: the device offers more options to add extra levels of security when it comes to ways of payment. “Tokenization allows for real account data (your debit/credit card information) to be replaced with a token that is encrypted and stored on the device and then decrypted on the server side for payments processing. This means that your personal account number never needs to be stored on the device itself and therefore is not subject to attacks via malware,” explained Jordan Kay, an Emerging Payments consultant and former employee of both Visa and MasterCard. Apparently, Canadian is taking the right steps into the future of gambling.