Caleta Gaming and Paradise Trippies create an NFT slot game

The prizes will not only be in cash but also with NFTs.
The prizes will not only be in cash but also with NFTs.

Caleta Gaming announces a new game that promises to renew the game market in a way that has never been seen before.

Press release.- Blockchain technology is becoming an increasingly popular tool within emerging digital markets. The most popular application of the blockchain technology are cryptocurrencies, which have created a new and safer way to make transactions without intermediaries (peer-to-peer).

In the same way that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are the future of money, NFT is becoming the leading digital platform for collecting art. NFT is the acronym for non-fungible token which means that any digital media can have an owner through the authenticity that the tokens provide. It can be applied in any form of digital item, from game skins to virtual lands, but the more popular method is digital arts and the NFT space is becoming more valuable every day.

Now Caleta Gaming and Paradise Trippies, with the support of Bitcasino, are launching a brand-new exclusive slots game based on NFT technology. This new title uses not only NFT artwork from Paradise Trippies as game assets but also, most importantly, will reward players with exclusive NFT art pieces that have a huge potential to increase in value. This joint venture is showing not only an innovative way to make games but also is in sync with digital market trends.

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This new game developed by Caleta is part of an interactive entertainment offer by Bitcasino in the Paradise Trippies’ island along with other campaigns and promotions, where the prizes will not only be in cash but also with NFTs, innovating what we know about gambling games until now.

“One of Caleta’s main objectives in 2022 is to invest in innovation. To strengthen this path, we believe that the association with strategic partners is very important. In this joint-venture between Caleta, Paradise Trippies and Bitcasino we combine these elements to create an innovative game that I’m sure will be a great success” commented Fabiola Jaeger, CEO at Caleta.

Luis Proença, Product Owner of Caleta added “A few slot games were released with the NFT theme, but we wanted to achieve something new for the crypto community. So we decided to take a step further and make a game where the player can really win NFT’s during the bonus feature. We are very excited with this new technology that we developed and all the possibilities that come along with the blockchain integration”.

Andy Booth, founder at Paradise Trippies said “We are delighted to have teamed up with Caleta, a subsidiary of Bitcasino, and they have produced something special here. We are excited to produce an entertainment platform and gaming community on the Paradise Trippies island”.

“We are really pleased to finally be able to give the community their first taste of the fun and games available as we progress with our roadmap on Paradise Island. This is just the beginning of the exciting things that we have in store for you all.” added Jon Booth Lead Creative at Paradise Trippies.

Tauri Tiitsaar, Director of Casino at Yolo Group, said “Bitcasino is thrilled to support the launch of this exclusive slots game and we’re certain it will be one of the favorites among the players. The possibilities of gaming in the metaverse that we’ve only begun to explore are endless, and we see huge potential for delivering web 3.0 entertainment to the players so this is very exciting.”

Caleta Gaming is a Brazilian game provider for the casino industry that continues to focus on delivering engaging content to players all over the globe by providing agile and seamless API Integration to operators and aggregators. The company has built a strong and balanced gaming portfolio with 90+ titles, delivering original and customized games, all developed in-house with Caleta’s proprietary technology by its growing team.

Paradise Trippies is a project idealized by Andy Booth and has launched a unique collection containing 10,000 NFTs to the community, it is based on a digital island where the only access is for Paradise Trippies NFTs Owners only. The team sold out the collection in 13 days! Their diverse team with recognizable artists promises to deliver a new world full of adventures led by the famous Bored Ape Yacht Club’s (BAYC #9696), with an innovative way to enter the metaverse.

Bitcasino is part of the Yolo Group and is proudly a leading bitcoin-led casino operator, being one of the most innovative online casinos in the industry. All their operations are developed in-house which brings reliability for the customers creating a large gamer community, the result is the recognition as the biggest bitcoin casino in 2021 with a large portfolio containing over 2,800 games.

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