Brazil’s new gaming bill will be voted in October

The gaming legislation will be returned to the special commission of the Senate after some changes were recently introduced.

Brazil.- After a number of amendments were introduced to the project, Brazil’s gaming legislation will return to the special commission of the Senate. Just like the first time, the legislation was requested by Senator Fernando Bezerra Coelho, who considers that modifications submitted to the bill are enough to require revision from the Senate.

The act received green light from the upper chamber twice, but Coelho claims that some changes were necessary in terms of social matters and more specifically in money laundering prevention.

The Senator recognised several times that the gaming industry regulation could have a negative impact on Brazilians, but he also pointed out that in most countries legislation has evolved and they all have a strong regulatory framework. Coelho believes that they could benefit from a well regulated industry.

Fernando Bezerra Coelho also  commented that this regulation could mean a source of significant private investment, both for the construction of hotels and tourism infrastructure. The process started on September 2015 and according to the Senate official website, the new gaming act will be voted in October.