Bratislava’s last license to expire in four years

The last license in Bratislava will expire in four years.
The last license in Bratislava will expire in four years.

As Bratislava adopted a total gambling ban on the city, the last license is set to expire in 2021.

Russia.- A total ban on gaming activities in Bratislava was supported by more than 136,000 residents and 45 councillors earlier this year, and opponents to the measure believe that the shutdown would immediately lead to illegal gambling.

Despite councillors expressing their concerns, the last license in Bratislava will expire in four years, and it is expected that foreign companies will try to overcome the ban and continue their operations. Ivo Nesrovnal, Bratislava mayor, said: “It will not work in such a way that we will wake up tomorrow and all the gambling venues will be closed. But we finally have an instrument to begin pushing them away.” According to The Slovak Spectator, the gambling facilities will end their operations slowly after their licenses expire, and the cease of activity would create a US$3.9 million gap in the city’s budget. “We will replace the drop in revenues, this was not a vote about money but about values,” said the Mayor.

Seventeen Bratislava councillors expressed their opposition against a complete prohibition of gambling activities in the national capital city in February and they argued it would only be beneficial for criminal associations and illegal operators. “We realise that, contrary to what some activists and politicians have been saying, gambling won’t disappear simply by being banned,” said the officials.