“There was so much great feedback at ICE”

(Exclusive interview).- Ortiz Gaming will keep its growing trend after ICE Totally Gaming.

After the remarkable feedback from mostly European public during ICE Totally Gaming earlier in February, Ortiz Gaming is targeting markets to improve its video bingo development and revolutionise further casino floors. Alejandro Ortiz, founder and chairman of Ortiz Gaming, talked with Focus Gaming News about the company’s achievements and the upcoming plans.

Ortiz Gaming has revolutionized the industry recently. Which was the impact of latest technology at ICE Totally Gaming?

We are very proud to have revolutionised the video bingo game with our new concept in the layout. Every company up to now has been doing the same thing, so what we did a simple transformation to the look of the video bingo video making it so the cards and the game always fit the proportions that are best for the player. It gives the game a futuristic, clean and ergonomic style and players immediately notice the difference in quality and feel of the game.


What was the attendee feedback at this year’s edition of the biggest gaming event? 

There was so much great feedback at ICE and such a diverse crowd. We had recognition for many products including our beautiful cabinets, including our O-Circle with a 42” curved display and 4K definition powered by the Ortiz Golden Mother Board.

Moreover, our Bingotronic an electronic bingo hall attracted a lot of attention from both land-base and “live” interactive gaming operators for its multi-location functionalities and jackpot and tournament set ups.

What do you think of 2017’s ICE Totally Gaming? What were the biggest accomplishments for Ortiz Gaming at ICE?

Each show keeps getting better than the last. We are excited that Ortiz Gaming is keeping pace and bringing our best foot forward at each show. We are proud of all of our products and what we have accomplished at ICE and look forward to the next edition to continue our success.

What are the further plans for the company in Europe?

There are many potential opportunities for Ortiz Gaming in Europe. There are many bingo markets, and with our expanded product offerings from Ortiz Interactive, we are able to cater to many different jurisdictions throughout gaming industries in Europe. We will study each prospect individually for its viability and growth potential.