Best Sunshine to operate in compliance with AML

The Saipan casino will operate in cooperation with anti-money laundering laws.

US.- According to the Commonwealth Casino Commission executive director Edward Deleon Guerrero, the Best Sunshine Live casino in Saipan, the capital of the American Northern Mariana Islands, will operate to help with anti-money laundering laws and with the US Banking Secrecy,

Earlier this month Bloomberg said that according to multiple anonymous sources the casino’s success, mainly in baccarat tables, was practically impossible if it wasn’t somehow related to money laundering activity. They believe that with only 16 VIP tables the money flow was too big and that the US Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement network was aware of the activity.

“For Bloomberg to say something like they are under investigation is maybe a business way of addressing a competitor. FinCEN issues federal regulations under Title 31. And BSI also has its own regulatory oversight. If Best Sunshine Live inside a temporary casino inside a mall can outpace and outperform big name casinos is purely business. It is bad for competitors and it appears its business rivalry, since Saipan is a competitor. I can tell you the numbers are real. We are watching, documenting, and tracking it,” said Guerrero.