Bahamas Minister promises higher casino standards

The Minister of Tourism said that he promises to uphold a better standard in the casino gaming industry.

Bahamas.- Obie Wilchcombe, Minister of Tourism, said that they’re working on marketing initiatives that include the promotion of the casino resort Baha Mar and the Bahamas to the Asian market. He also suggested that Chow Tai Fook, Baha Mar’s potential buyer, is not suitable.

“As always, we will conduct our due diligence to ensure all those who operate in the Bahamas will be able to maintain the high standards we have now,” Wilchcombe said that they’re expecting a casino license application from Chow Tai Fook within the next 24 hours. The Minister confirmed that the Hong Kong based company is also concerned about high standards of integrity.

“There have been times when we have had to talk to companies and get information into what they do, and involvement in running a casino in the Bahamas. What we have heard from the company, and have discussed with them, is that they are concerned about high standards and levels of integrity,” the Minister added.