Australia fights problem gambling

Credits: Pro Bono Australia.
Credits: Pro Bono Australia.

The Australian market could be further regulated with the latest proposal against problem gambling.

Australia.- Under a national plan focused on a extremely limited gaming industry, Australian authorities would evaluate further legislations to regulate the users’ participations in gaming platforms. According to ABC Australia, the regulation would establish limits on consumers’ spendings on gaming services.

The measure was proposed after the Australian Gambling Research Centre (AGRC), part of the Federal Government’s Institute of Family Studies, revealed a study on the issue. The AGRC recommended that players sign a pre-commitment deal to limit their spendings related to casino offerings.

The pre-commitment systems would be installed countrywide and would require all pokies to actively implement it. “Dr Angela Rintoul, a research fellow at the AGCR, said a full pre-commitment system would be one that requires all gamblers to use an identifiable device, such as a card, in order to use a poker machine,” explained the ABC.

Furthermore, pre-commitments would be “to set a binding limit on the losses that they’re willing to have on a poker machine,” she added. “They can also track time.” According to the expert, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia have already conducted small trials of pre-commitment systems. Meanwhile, Victoria introduced an optional pre-commitment system in 2015.

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