Yokohama IR policy delayed

Yokohama IR policy delayed

According to Yokohama’s Mayor, the delay comes from the national government, that has not yet delivered its IR policy.

Japan.- The city of Yokohama has confirmed it does not expet to be in a position to reveal its integrated resorts implementation policy for some time.

The city’s Mayor made the announcement confirming a delay to the request for proposal process to choose a private sector partner for its IR bid.

Authorities had previously scheduled the launch of the IR implementation policy and request for proposal requirements for August.

According to Mayor Fumiko Hayashi, Yokohama has had to postpone its policy because the national government had not yet issued its own basic policy on IRs.

Mayor Hayashi said: “The city cannot make public its IR implementation policy, under conditions where the [national] government does not announce the basic policy.

“The city will keep watching carefully the government initiatives. At this moment, the city has no knowledge about when the [national] government will announce the basic policy.”

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