Yokohama approved a budget for IR promotion

Yokohama approved a budget for IR promotion

The city of Yokohama passed a budget with €3.3 million considered for IR promotion

Japan.- Yokohama city council approved a budget of JPY 1.74 billion for fiscal year 2020, of which JPY 400 million (€3.3 million) is earmarked for IR promotion.

From this moment, the city will start working on the recruitment of an IR operator partner while developing an improvement plan in 2020 to develop the area as part of an application to the government to be certified for an IR.

However, there is persistent opposition to the plan and citizen groups have begun asking for a referendum on whether or not an IR bid should go ahead.

Despite the budget being approved, there still remains a cautious attitude to an IR. The second Constitution/National Forum opposes the bid, stating: “We regard that this budget solves problems. IRs should not be permitted at all.”

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