War of words over legal advice for former IPI chairwoman

A war of words has emerged over the legal advice given to Li Jie.
A war of words has emerged over the legal advice given to Li Jie.

Cui Li Jie’s former lawyer, Juan T. Lizama, has said that John Mo Shi Jian, a former Macau law professor, was giving the former IPI chairwoman bad advice.

Northern Mariana Islands.- In a new chapter in one of the lawsuits faced by Imperial Pacific International (IPI), blows have been traded over the legal advice given to former IPI chairwoman Cui Li Jie

IPI faces a lawsuit brought by seven construction workers who accuse the casino operator of labour abuse and human trafficking.

Cui Li Jie had said that she was poorly represented in court by her lawyer, Juan T. Lizama. However, in an email disclosed in federal court, Lizama says that John Mo Shi Jian, a former University of Macau law professor, was giving Cui Li Jie bad advice.

Lizama stated: “Johnny Mo may be a law professor, but he has bad common sense. He is all for himself.”

Juan T. Lizama stepped aside from representing Cui Li Jie after the former IPI chairwoman said he had represented her poorly in court.

Cui Li Jie resigned from her post at IPI in early June due to “personal time constraints”.

According to The Guam Daily Post, attorney Aaron Halegua, who represents seven Chinese construction workers who have sued IPI, said Cui’s explanation “is unlikely to absolve her from a finding of civil contempt.”

Halegua added: “Attempt to place all blame on Mr. Lizama falls flat due to her own pattern of obstructionist and disobedient behaviour. 

“While Ms. Cui states that she has ‘been honest and cooperative in complying with the court’s orders and requests of the plaintiffs,’ this assertion is contradicted by the record in this case.”

IPI’s gaming licence has been suspended indefinitely as the operator failed to comply with regulatory orders.

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