Thai police raid two more online gambling HQs

Police raided two sites over the weekend.
Police raided two sites over the weekend.

Police have arrested 12 people in the latest raid on an online gambling operation.

Thailand.- Police in Thailand have raided the headquarters of another two online gambling operations, arresting 12 people in the process.

Police obtained a court warrant on Saturday to raid a rented house in the Bang Kapi district. They confiscated eight computers, a money counting machine, 95 passbooks, 19 mobile phones and 6.2m baht in cash.

A man and two women, allegedly the administrators of around two-dozen gambling sites, were arrested.

In a second raid on Sunday, the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) raided a commercial building and a house linked to online gambling activities in the Nikhom Phatthana district.

Police arrested four men and five women who face charges of colluding to encourage gambling and seized 10 computers and several mobile phones.

Gambling dens are frequently raided in Thailand where most gaming activity is still illegal.

It has been mentioned that Thailand could consider the possibility of legalising gambling as a way to tackle the problem of illegal gambling dens.

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