Taiwan allows international transit

Passengers in transit will be allowed to pass through Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

Taiwan.-  In a new easing of travel restrictions, Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command Centre (CECC) will allow international travellers in transit to pass through the local airport.

Travel restrictions began to ease last week with Taiwan allowing business and trade travellers planning to stay for fewer than three months to apply for shorter home quarantines.

Now the CECC has opened borders for transit passengers, who will be able to pass through Taoyuan International Airport.

It said: “Considering that transit passengers have been allowed at some airports in Hong Kong and Singapore, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) announced a plan concerning transit passengers during the Covid-19 pandemic under the principle of strict border control and eased domestic prevention measures.

“After the related discussion with relevant government agencies, the MOTC has decided to lift the transit ban at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, and transit passengers will be allowed at the airport starting from midnight Taipei Standard Time on June 25.”

Transit passengers will have to leave the country in under eight hours and must take both flights with the same airline. So far, only Taiwan’s China Airlines and Eva Air and Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific are included in the transit plan, but the list will be reviewed as the situation progresses.

Transit flights to or from China have been excluded from the plan because of the renewed Covid-19 outbreak.

The centre said: “Control concerning transit passengers’ activity areas, routes and separation from other people after disembarkation and other protective measures will also be implemented. Furthermore, meal arrangements and shopping activity of transit passengers will be monitored by designated airport personnel.”

It said it had a response plan in place to deal with flight delays and passenger illness.

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