South Korea: 17 arrested in raids on illegal gambling site

One man is on the Interpol most-wanted list.
One man is on the Interpol most-wanted list.

Police in South Korea have arrested 17 people in two raids targeting illegal sports gambling sites.

South Korea.- Police have arrested 17 people in raids targeting suspected illegal gambling sites.

Police seized cash and took posession of three apartments and two detached houses that were bought using illegally gained funds. Offers are still looking for one person who is believed to have fled the country and is currently on Interpol’s most-wanted list.

He is accused of operatng an illegal sports gambling site in South Korea from March 2016, with operations worth around KRW900bn.

He also helped establish another illegal gambling site in June 2018 worth KRW100bn and has around 1,800 members.

According to officers, those arrested were violating the National Sports Promotion Act.

In February, three Korean men were arrested at a building in Bangkok, Thailand, after a tip-off that the site was being used to operate an illegal online gambling site.

The three suspects were initially charged with working without documentation, but police were investigating whether they were involved with other illegal activities including money laundering.

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