Singapore to remove Covid-19 test requirements for fully vaccinated visitors

Six men connected with illegal gambling syndicates appeared in court on Friday.
Six men connected with illegal gambling syndicates appeared in court on Friday.

Keith Tan, chief executive of Singapore’s tourism board, says the country expects to ease Covid-19 restrictions in the upcoming weeks.

Singapore.- Singapore National Tourism Board executive director Keith Tan has told a forum in Manila that Singapore aims to remove all Covid-19 tests requirements for fully vaccinated tourists within the next few weeks.

The city-state has already lifted most of its restrictions on vaccinated travellers, and visitors can now enter without quarantine or testing on arrival. From April 1, those who have been fully vaccinated have been allowed to enter Singapore with only a pre-departure negative Covid-19 test result

Some countries, including the UK, Ireland, Norway and Jordan have already cancelled all testing for incoming travellers.

Marina Bay Sands to return to pre-pandemic levels in two years, analysts say

Marina Bay Sands is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels of business in two years’ time. Sanford Bernstein forecast that Marina Bay Sands’ annual EBITDA will recover to over US$1.7bn by 2024 and grow to approximately US$1.9bn by 2025, with EBITDA margins improving to 51 – 52 per cent returns.

Analysts pointed out local authorities aim to increase passenger traffic to around 50 per cent of pre-pandemic levels by the end of this year, from around 18 per cent in mid-March.

Vitaly Umansky, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein Ltd said: “We expect a ramp-up in business activity at Singapore integrated resorts to start in the second quarter, and accelerate into 2023.”

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