Singapore parliament passes new gambling legislation

The new bills set out clearer regulations for gambling.
The new bills set out clearer regulations for gambling.

Legislators in Singapore have approved two key bills on gambling regulations.

Singapore.- The Singapore parliament has approved the Gambling Regulatory Authority of Singapore Bill and the Gambling Control Bill. The former will create the Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA) as a single regulator for all forms of gambling. Singapore hopes the new regulator will be in place for mid-year.

The second bill will make it a criminal offence for under-aged individuals to gamble, “regardless whether with legal or unlawful operators” and for under-aged individuals to enter gambling areas, “except where entry checks are not required”.

Under the new bill, the legal age for gambling in Singapore will remain 21, except for gambling at Singapore Pools’ physical outlets which will remain at 18. A new offence of proxy gambling will be introduced, criminalising gambling through someone else. Family and friends will be allowed to socially gamble at home.

Desmond Tan, minister of state for home affairs, said: “Social gambling will only be allowed in a person’s home, and will not be allowed in places like hotels and chalets. Individuals should exercise personal responsibility in deciding whether to allow underaged individuals to engage in such activities.”

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