Shambala casino makes soft launch

Shambala casino makes soft launch

The new casino venue in the Russian region of Primorye is up and running.

Russia.- Shambala casino, the second casino venue in Primorye in East Russia, has opened its doors in a soft launch while it prepares for a full opening ceremony.

Staff are making preparations at the new four-storey building in Muravyinaya Bay. The main hall for games and events, a restaurant area, and a VIP hall are located on the ground floor in an area of 5,200 square metres.

The casino will have 500 slot machines and 23 gaming tables in its initial stage.

Most of the restaurants are still closed, except for the Foodmarket. The Grand Buffet, the Crab House restaurant and a separate room for VIP guests are still in the process of completion.

CEO Maxim Smolentsev told local press: “There is still a lot to do. Before the big opening staff must adjust the work of all services and communications, hone the work of new personnel. in total, we employ 350 people from Primorye and other regions of Russia.

“It will be necessary to test the gambling equipment, as well as the bars and the restaurant area, complete the finishing of the main entrance lobby, and improve the adjacent territory to the casino building.”

“Many people knew that we had been preparing for the opening almost from the beginning of summer, there were some delays due to the situation with the pandemic in the world. Although looking back, we ourselves are surprised at what we managed to build it in two years”

He added: “We do not know how things will be with inbound tourism in Russia in connection with the pandemic. We hope that people will not lose the opportunity to travel and relax, and we, in turn, will try to provide a first class service, because this is the main advantage in the hospitality industry”.

The investors’ longer-term plans include the construction of a 275-room hotel which is aimed at completion within two years.

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