Spanish party unveils proposal to regulate online gambling

Spanish party unveils proposal to regulate online gambling

The PSN party is promoting an initiative in the European Parliament to regulate online gambling in all Member States.

Spain.- PSN MP Adriana Maldonado, a member of the Committee on the Internal Markets and Consumer Protection, has unveiled an initiative in the European Parliament to regulate online gambling and advertising.

The Socialist Europarliamentary has sent a letter to all members of the European Parliament to collect the maximum number of signatures and send it to the Internal Market Commissioner, Thierry Breton.

The brief aims to “alert the problem of online gaming at social and national level in all member states,” explained the PSN in a statement. In the letter, the MP from Navarra considers that “the efforts of the European Commission for the EU countries to share good practices, cooperate with each other and even apply measures voluntarily, have not been sufficient.”

Moreover, she urges the Community Executive to “establish a legislative framework with minimum European standards in the field of online gaming advertising” as “the ads are often misleading and biased and can lead to insane and harmful behaviours.”

Restrictions in Spain

Measures to limit the gaming industry in Spain will launch in the coming weeks. However, it has already transpired that gambling advertising in Spain will be allowed for 4 hours in the morning. It will cover 1 to 5 a.m.

The Minister of Culture, Alberto Garzón, will meet with industry representatives to explain measures the regulation includes, such as restrictions for gambling advertising in Spain. For that matter, he met with Cejuego, as they had announced earlier this week.

The government explained the measures will cover three areas. On one hand, they’ll establish the hours when gaming advertising in Spain will air. Moreover, advertising must relate to betting on an event that is happening at the time of launching. Finally, they will reduce advertising permissions in general.

After announcing his interest in regulating the operations of the industry, Garzón added that he will seek to dialogue with the representatives to reach an agreement beneficial to all around gaming in Spain.

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