PAGCOR denies acting in favour of Kazuo Okada

Universal Entertainment has accused PAGCOR of bias in favour of Kazuo Okada.
Universal Entertainment has accused PAGCOR of bias in favour of Kazuo Okada.

PAGCOR has insisted that it is impartial in the case, which is being handled by the courts.

The Philippines.- PAGCOR has denied that it acted in favour of Kazuo Okada amid claims that he has retaken control of Okada Manila by force. Universal Entertainment Corp had accused the Philippine casino regulator of acting in favour of Okada after it sent a team to investigate allegations.

The regulator insists that it has remained neutral in the case and has complied with the legal and procedural rules applicable to court orders. It declined to comment further because the dispute is being dealt with in court.

Meanwhile, Tiger Resort, Leisure and Entertainment (TRLEI) has announced that it will file criminal charges for what it’s calling an “illegal occupation” of its Okada Manila resort.

The company said: “For such serious criminal offences as trespassing, obstruction of business, unlawful occupation, theft, assault injury and incitement, TRLEI will immediately file criminal charges.”

In June 2017, Kazuo Okada and COO Takahiro Usui were off the Tiger Resort Leisure and Entertainment board. The company accused Okada of misusing company funds and he was removed from the board of parent company Universal Japan Entertainment, which brought three fraud charges against him.

However, in January the Philippines Court of Appeals dismissed fraud charges against Okada and in April, the Supreme Court of the Philippines issued a “status quo ante” order (SQAO) that recognised Kazuo Okada as the sole representative of Tiger Resort Asia Limited in Tiger Resort Leisure & Entertainment and ordered his reinstatement as a shareholder, director, chairman and CEO. 

On May 2, 2022, Okada reinstated its board of directors and officers, which were apparently recognised by PAGCOR as the legitimate board. However, TRLEI says it has appealed and is waiting for a Supreme Court decision. It claims that in the meantime, Okada has seized control of the Okada Manila venue using violence.

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