Okada Manila says foot traffic up 8% in June

Traffic reached around 74 per cent of pre-pandemic levels.
Traffic reached around 74 per cent of pre-pandemic levels.

Okada Manila has reported an improvement in business amid a reopening of borders in the Philippines.

The Philippines.- Okada Manila says it saw an increase in business in June, with foot traffic rising 8 per cent from the previous month to around 74 per cent of its pre-pandemic level. According to Reuters, the company announced it is planning to open more shops and add entertainment attractions.

The management team said: “With the economy and borders opening up, Okada Manila is expected to sustain the momentum.”

In May, Kazuo Okada regained control of the casino resort after the Philippines Supreme Court ordered a Status Quo Ante Order (SQAO), restoring him as the CEO of Okada Manila. The board that was ousted has sued the Okada group, claiming that force and intimidation were used to take over the property. 

Kazuo Okada has denied the claims, stating that he was not involved in any illegal or violent action. Okada said his group negotiated with Hajime Tokuda, who was present at the time.

He said: “During the negotiation process, there were no slanderous or violent acts, and we presented the Supreme Court’s decision and proceeded with peaceful discussions. 

“Tokuda peacefully surrendered his ID and left the conference room. However, when Tokuda’s lawyers, led by Atty. Estrella Elamparo arrived outside the conference room, they intentionally shouted and made it seem as if we were violent, intentionally making it seem as if there was a dispute.”

Okada said he is preparing to file a lawsuit against Tokuda for what he considers to be a violation of the Supreme Court’s order in his favour.

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