Non-gaming visitor spending in Macau grows 16.7% in Q2

Macau received 11.6m visitors in the first six months of the year.
Macau received 11.6m visitors in the first six months of the year.

Tourist spending reached MOP17.48bn (US$2.16bn).

Macau.- Macau’s Statistics and Census Service has reported the city saw non-gaming tourist spending of MOP17.48bn (US$2.16bn) in the second quarter of 2023. That’s a rise of 16.7 per cent from the previous quarter.

The upswing coincides with a rise in visitor arrivals of 35.3 per cent to nearly 6.7 million. However, non-gaming spending grew at a slower pace than gross gaming revenue (GGR). In July, Macau’s gaming regulator reported second-quarter casino GGR of MOP45.49bn, up 31.3 per cent from the preceding quarter.

Authorities reported that visitors spent an average of MOP2,610 during visits to Macau from April to June. That’s a slight decline from the average MOP3,027 in the previous quarter. Shopping was the dominant segment, accounting for 48.5 per cent of visitor expenditure. Accommodation followed, representing 24.5 per cent, while food and beverage made up 17.4 per cent.

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Macau’s government views the development of non-gaming activities as crucial to its economic diversification strategy. This was taken into account when assessing applications for the new 10-year Macau gaming concessions that began January.

The six Macau casino operators have collectively pledged to invest a minimum of MOP108.7bn (US$13.48bn) in non-gaming initiatives and to explore overseas markets. They will be required to increase their non-gaming investment by around 20 per cent of their initial pledge if Macau’s annual gross gaming revenue reaches MOP180bn (US$22.45bn) by 2027.

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