Macau casinos to increase non-gaming investment if GGR reaches US$22.45bn


The licensees made pledges on non-gaming investment under the new gaming concession contracts signed on Friday.

Macau.- The six gaming operators in Macau will be required to increase their non-gaming investment by around 20 per cent of their initial pledge if Macau’s annual gross gaming revenue reaches MOP180bn (US$22.45bn) by 2027. If that figure is reached in 2028, 2029, 2030, or 2031, the increment will be reduced to 16 per cent, 12 per cent, 8 per cent or 4 per cent respectively.

There will be no need for additional non-gaming investment if the MOP180bn target is only achieved in 2032, the last year of the new concessions.

Casino operators will also have to pay the government a fixed premium of MOP30m per year, plus a variable annual premium based on the number of gaming tables and electronic gaming machines they operate.

The annual variable premium is MOP300,000 per VIP table, MOP150,000 per mass market table and MOP1,000 per electronic slot machine. A special premium could be required if the gross gaming revenue generated by each gaming table and electronic gaming machine does not exceed MOP7,000,000 and MOP300,000, respectively.

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