Nepal: four arrested in connection with live gambling via TikTok

Most of the players use fake IDs and phone numbers.
Most of the players use fake IDs and phone numbers.

Officers believe there are many more such operations.

Nepal.- Police in Nepal have detected that TikTok is being used to operate illegal gambling through live broadcasts. Between January 10 and 17, four people were arrested and charged in connection with the practice. Officers believe many more people are involved but said identifying them was difficult.

According to the police, those arrested used digital wallets to conduct transactions worth more than Re 5m. One is said to have handled transactions for live card games totalling Re 2.8m via the e-Sewa mobile wallet. Another person is alleged to have transferred around Re 1m in 10 days.

Police Superintendent (SP) Krishna Prasad Koirala said the mechanism involved inviting users as guests on the app, collecting money through mobile wallet apps and then conducting games live online, mainly three card faras, also known as open faras.

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