Nepal bans TikTok amid allegations of gambling content

Nepal bans TikTok amid allegations of gambling content

Gambling content as well as hate speech and anti-government material are thought to be the reasons.

India.- Nepal’s government has banned the social media platform TikTok, citing concerns about the nation’s “social harmony.” It has not given details of the reason for the ban, announced on November 13, but observers have speculated that it may be due to gambling content, hate speech, and anti-government material on the app.

Complaints about the promotion of illegal gambling and betting on TikTok surfaced in January. Law enforcement took action against local TikTok influencers who were reportedly paid to endorse illegal gambling apps to their followers. Despite arrests in June, promotions persisted.

According to G2G News, the TikTok ban in Nepal has broader implications. The recently approved Directives on the Operation of Social Networking 2023 requires social media platforms to set up an office or designate a focal person in Nepal within three months.

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