N. Mariana Islands warn IPI tower crane poses threat to public safety

IPI hopes to find a new investor.
IPI hopes to find a new investor.

The tower crane remains standing at IPI’s unfinished casino resort since work stopped over two years ago.

Northern Mariana Islands.- Department of Public Works secretary Ray N. Yumul has raised concerns about the tower crane at Imperial Pacific International (IPI)’s unfinished casino resort in Garapan. It says the crane is a threat to public safety as Typhoon Mawar approaches.

The Department of Public Works (DPW) has temporarily closed Hibiscus Street in Garapan, located between the IPI casino/resort building and Joeten Hafa Adai, until further notice for public safety. Yumul urged pedestrians to maintain a safe distance from tower crane No. 5.

The crane has not been used since December 2020. Concerns arose due to the deteriorating condition of the crane’s frame components and connections, with visible signs of rust. The DPW secretary warned that the crane could weaken and collapse.

Tthe DPW is collaborating with IPI and the Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) to address the issue. Tower crane No. 6 was removed in 2021.

In March,  Cui Lijie, the majority owner of Imperial Pacific International (IPI), said she was seeking new investors to help reopen the operator’s Garapan casino resort. In an interview with Mariana’s Variety, she admitted that investor interest had fallen off due to negative stories about IPI but said the company was doing all it can to improve the situation.

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