MGM China donates US$390,000 to restore buildings in Xiushui County

MGM China donates US$390,000 to restore buildings in Xiushui County

The casino operator has contributed funds to restore seven historic buildings.

Macau.- MGM China has donated HK$3m (US$390,000) to restore seven historic buildings in Shankou town, in Xiushui County, Jiangxi Province. Coordinated by the Macao SAR Government and the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Macao, the initiative supports the national policy of rural revitalisation.

Shankou was recognised as a Historical and Cultural Town of Jiangxi Province in 2021 and as one of China’s Historical and Cultural Towns in 2019. The restoration project will focus on refurbishing landmarks including the Hongwei Market, Shankou Chamber of Commerce, Xiechang Grocery Store, Hexingfu Trading Company, Shankou Restaurant, Shankou Purchase Department, and Benlisheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Shop. 

Pansy Ho, chairperson & executive director of MGM China Holdings, said: “As a corporation rooted in Macau, MGM is devoted to supporting the nation’s development. MGM takes pride in being at the forefront of cultural tourism in Macau. 

“This time, we draw on our industry strength, helping the local government transform Shankou’s red tourism resources and traditional culture into an appealing tourist destination. By lending our practical support, we strive to deepen the cooperation in cultural tourism between Jiangxi Province and Macau.”

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