Macau casinos urged to collaborate to promote maritime tourism

Macau casinos urged to collaborate to promote maritime tourism

Macau wants to boost sea-based attractions.

Macau.- Susana Wong Soi Man, the chief of the Marine and Water Bureau, has urged the city’s casino operators to deepen their collaborations to promote maritime tourism. Speaking to Macau Business, Wong Soi Man said there would be three maritime tourism service providers this year, up from two.

Central to the partnerships are two annual events, the Macao International Fireworks Display Contest, a longstanding tradition spanning 31 years, and Light Up Macao, launched in 2015. However, Kuok Kin, deputy director of the bureau, lamented the lack of investment interest in sea-based recreational activities during a recent public consultation. 

He attributed the reluctance to factors such as limited visitor interest and Macau’s relatively small market size, making it difficult for investors to make profitable returns.

According to Kin, in Zhuhai, maritime tourism attracts substantial numbers of participants, but in Macau, the content is few and far between.

To address accessibility issues for passengers, authorities introduced a pier to Barra in 2021, aiming to facilitate smoother travel experiences and further promote maritime tourism in Macau.

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