Macau casino operators remain committed to staff

Casino operators will continue to support staff, authorities say.
Casino operators will continue to support staff, authorities say.

According to the Secretary for Economy and Finance, operators will keep their promise to support employees during the crisis.

Macau.- The secretary for economy and finance, Lei Wai Nong, has said the six casino operators in the SAR have shown a commitment to their staff in during the economic crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In comments to local press, Mr Lei said operators will support employees “as promised”. He did not specify in his remarks whether that meant the avoidance of redundancies. In February, the chief executive of the SAR called on all operators to avoid layoffs and “fulfil their social responsibilities”.

Mr Lei declined to answer as to whether he foresaw a rise in staff cuts by the city’s junket firms in the near future: “I won’t comment on an individual company’s decision”.

He added: “The six leisure companies [casino operators] have, until today, been doing what they promised in terms of supporting their employees… Macau will still need, in the future, manpower for this [sector].”

Mr Lei urged gaming operators and their staff members to be “mutually supportive”, and to work towards the recovery for the city’s tourism industry.

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