Macau bill would tighten measures against illegal mahjong

Macau bill would tighten measures against illegal mahjong

Those running mahjong games could be fined or jailed.

Macau.- Lawmaker Chan Chak Mo has said that a draft bill will subject anyone operating mahjong for profits without government approval may face imprisonment for up to one year or fines for 240 days.  Those who are involved in mahjong may be fined between MOP1,500 (US$186) and MOP20,000.

If a homeowner lets their unit on an hourly basis for people to play mahjong, it would be considered as operating with the intention of making a profit without legal approval. 

The draft Law on Combating Illegal Gambling Crimes was presented by the director of the Legal Affairs Bureau, Leong Weng In, last December. It is intended to replace Macau’s existing Illegal Gambling Law (Law 8/96/m). It passed its initial reading at the Legislative Assembly in February.

Under the draft bill, those engaging in or facilitating unauthorised online games of chance, regardless of the location of equipment involved may face imprisonment from one to eight years. The bill would also impose a prison term of one to five years for anyone who intends to obtain financial benefits for themselves or others by providing funds or other resources for gambling.

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