IPL players may not get paid

Indian Premier League hangs in the balance with players unlikely to be paid if the season does not take place.

India.- Indian Premier League (IPL) players will remain unpaid at the moment while the league remains postponed due to Coronavirus.

With the IPL postponed until April 15 but unlikely to go ahead, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is trying to find a window between August and September to hold the IPL but that depends on whether the global Coronavirus pandemic has eased by then.

But players could find themselves without any payment from the league, according to Times of India.

“The system of payments is that 15 per cent is paid a week before the tournament starts,” a senior IPL official told PTI.

“65 per cent more is paid during the tournament. The remaining 20 per cent is paid within a stipulated time after the tournament ends.”

He added: “The BCCI has specific guidelines. Obviously, no player will be paid as of now.”

BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal said there has been no discussion on pay cuts.

“The BCCI earns its money from Cricket. If Cricket is not happening, where will the money come from?”

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