Imperial Pacific International to target new markets

IPI hires marketing representatives as it looks to drive VIPs, families and newlyweds to its property.

Mariana Islands.- Imperial Pacific International is looking to target new markets including Japanese VIPs, families and newlyweds, and has hired a number of marketing representatives to aid its efforts. 

IPI senior vice president Donald Browne talked about the company’s plans and referred to the new Skymark Airlines’ Tokyo-Saipan flight service that allowed IPI to bring in Japanese visitors to the resort. 

“When you look at the market here, and in the Pacific region, there is no other luxury resort that can compete with Imperial Palace,” Browne said. “This is a game-changer not only for Saipan but for this entire region. With the luxurious appurtenances and the high degree of personalized service provided by the Imperial Palace team, we are in a great position to compete with the big names in the luxury hotel industry.”

Joseph Leepan Guerrero, chair of the House Committee on Commerce and Tourism, said he hopes IPI is successful in its campaign to reach VIPs and families from Japan. 

“I hope that we will see a higher number of tourists from Japan. It is time for them [IPI] to showcase their facilities in Japan.”

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