IPI faces another complaint for Saipan casino debts

IPI faces another complaint for Saipan casino debts

The operator also faces complaints for regulatory violations and breach of contract in Saipan.

Northern Mariana Islands.- The Commonwealth Casino Commission has filed a fresh complaint against Imperial Pacific International (IPI) for unpaid debts relating to its casino operation on Saipan island.

The regulator says the company has failed to pay over US$3 million in casino fees for its exclusive licence.  

The licence payment was due this month. The Commission has already filed complaints against IPI for violations of code and regulations and for breach of contract.

The operator’s proposal to pay its annual casino licence fee of US$15 million in two instalments was recently rejected. IPI did, however, obtain a six-month deferral on its US$20 million debt with the island’s community fund due to force majeure. 

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