India: 32 arrested in raid on illegal casino in Dwarka

The raid was carried out by Delhi police.
The raid was carried out by Delhi police.

Police in Delhi arrested 29 men and three women during a raid on an illegal casino in the city of Dwarka.

India.- Police have arrested 32 people for gambling at an illegal casino located in Dwarka. According to officers, three of the arrested are women and all of them were found inside a building where an illegal casino was operating.

During the raid, police found a large pool table and people gambling with cash, tokens and playing cards. Those involved tried to escape but were caught. NewsRoom reports that police seized cash, betting cards plastic tokens, cash counting machines and slips.

A few days ago, police arrested 25 people for allegedly gambling at a farmhouse on the outskirts of Hyderabad. According to Times of India, the raid took place at a farmhouse owned by the famous Indian actor Naga Shaurya. People were found playing poker in the house.

An investigation is underway and Shaurya’s uncle is being questioned since he was managing the farmhouse.

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