India: 3 arrested for alleged illegal gambling scam

India: 3 arrested for alleged illegal gambling scam

Those arrested were allegedly operating through the banned Mahadev app.

India.- Police in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, have arrested three people allegedly involved in illegal betting scam facilitated through the Mahadev app. The suspects, identified as Vikas Pal, Kuldeep Mehta, and Rohit Mehta, were taken into custody following investigations into online fraud complaints. The trio reportedly confessed to their involvement in illicit activities on the banned platform.

Upon their arrest, authorities seized multiple mobile phones, SIM cards from various telecom providers, ATM cards, a passbook and chequebooks. Police also seized a cricket bat bearing the inscription “World Cup Winner” and an Airtel fibre cable.

The investigation stemmed from a complaint filed in Rajasthan over an online fraud amounting to Rs. 55,000. Subsequent inquiries revealed that the fraudulent transaction was executed through a mobile number registered on the Pratibimb app. Surveillance efforts led the police to the residence of Kedar Mehta in the Corra Thana area, where the suspects were arrested.

According to The Followup, preliminary findings suggest that those arrested were involved in transferring funds to over 50 bank accounts. Subsequently, they would withdraw the funds from ATMs before redistributing the proceeds across various bank accounts nationwide. Authorities continue to probe the extent of the scam and are urging the public to remain vigilant.

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