Imperial Pacific CEO could be jailed

Imperial Pacific CEO could be jailed

A judge has voiced the possibility due to the company’s failure to comply with court orders.

Northern Mariana Islands.- The US District Court has said Imperial Pacific International (IPI) CEO Donald Browne may be taken into custody for failure to comply with court orders.

The warning follows an order issued by the court in August for IPI to pay attorneys’ fees of almost US$94,000 for seven former construction workers who are suing the company for alleged forced labour and negligence.

The order was issued as a result of IPI failing to comply with various court orders. The court has already ordered the company to pay a US$2,000 per day fine, which also remains unpaid.

In the light of this, the judge stated: “Monetary sanctions against IPI have proven insufficient to compel its directors and executives to take the steps necessary to comply with the orders of the court.”

IPI has cited difficulties to fulfil its financial obligations due to a lack of cash flow resulting from the closure of its Saipan casino owing to Covid-19 restrictions.

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