How payment systems impact affiliate success at MegaPari

Discover how MegaPari selects payment systems for its users.
Discover how MegaPari selects payment systems for its users.

Discover how MegaPari’s strategic payment approach, spanning 250+ systems globally, elevates user experience, fuels affiliate revenue, and drives industry innovation.

Press release.- In the competitive gambling industry, the right payment system is key to winning customer trust and boosting affiliate revenue. MegaPari excels by balancing transaction security, user convenience, and compliance, all while offering 250+ payment methods globally. 

In this article, we explore how MegaPari selects payment systems for its users and how it provides valuable opportunities to affiliates.

Step One: Geo-Market Analysis

MegaPari starts with evaluating the attractiveness of the geo in terms of traffic and project competitiveness. The company analyzes third-party projects in this region to understand which local and international methods are popular.

Understanding user preferences in different regions allows the brand and partners to focus on the most effective payment methods, leading to high conversions and successful collaboration.

Step Two: Payment System Selection

At this stage, MegaPari explores options with current partners and actively searches for new opportunities. In this process, it takes into account the cost of the solution, the operating period of the payment system in the given geo, and payment passage statistics.

This step showcases transparency and pursuit of optimal and reliable solutions, making an attractive partner for payment systems.

Step Three: Monitoring and Optimization

After integration, MegaPari monitors their performance. This includes tracking payment pass rates and the speed of deposit/withdrawal processing. At the same time, MegaPari added various instructions to reduce the percentage of user errors during the payment flow.

Incorporating local solutions increases the number of deposits to the project, brand recognition, and player loyalty. This emphasizes that MegaPari are willing to meet the needs of players in different regions, which, in turn, increases conversions for affiliates.

Asia holds significant importance for MegaPari. Recently, the company expanded its operations to the Philippines, reflecting its aspirations for fruitful engagements and continued growth in the region. To ensure a smooth and uninterrupted platform experience, MegaPari seeks partnerships that are both reliable and share the company’s vision for mutual development and progress. If you are interested in collaborating, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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