Guam debates a bill to ban gambling activities

The people of Guam confirmed public policy against casino-style gambling

Guam.- The island of Guam is debating the Bill 226-35 introduced last October to the congress that would ban gambling-related activities. If this legislation is approved, casino games at carnivals, pachinko, video horse, and greyhound race machines will be illegal. Bingo and lottery would be the only permitted betting activities.

“The people of Guam have, through referendum, confirmed public policy against casino-style gambling”, said Senator Telena Nelson, vice-speaker of the Guam Legislature, who introduced the bill.

People and Government are debating this legislation and it seems difficult to reach an agreement in the short term. While Mayor’s Council of Guam recently advocated for the return of some games of chance at this year’s Liberation Carnival, the public opinion supports the bill. 

The Mayors’ Council allowed the operations of an enclosed House of Cards for casino-style gambling such as poker, baccarat, and blackjack. Now rejects the bill pointing out that the gambling activities have been a significant source of revenues for the holding of the Liberation Carnival.

“We can’t just take $400,000 out of our pockets or the Mayors’ Council because we don’t have that,” declared Mayors’ Council Executive Director Angel Sablan.

Guam Governor Lou Leon Guerrero stands on a similar position: “Limited gaming, games of chance, I think should still be allowed for our people.”

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