German national allegedly involved in illegal betting in India

The ED initiated inqui
The ED initiated inqui

The Enforcement Directorate is investigating alleged involvement in Mahadev Book.

India.- The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has initiated a probe into the suspected involvement of a German national in the development and operation of the technical framework behind the illegal Mahadev Book betting app

According to The Hindustan Times, the ED began investigating the person in October 2022. Alongside promoters Ravi Uppal and Sourabh Chandrakar, the German national allegedly played a pivotal role in the platform and was reportedly involved in similar platforms in Mexico and South America.

The Mahadev app is believed to function as an umbrella facilitating the operations of multiple illegal betting websites, enabling them to onboard new users, generate user IDs, and engage in money laundering through benami bank accounts. Under a franchise model, its Dubai headquarters reportedly retains 70 per cent of profits, with the remaining 30 per cent distributed to franchise holders. 

The ED has arrested eleven people and named nineteen others in preliminary charge sheets.

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