Former Macau junket workers worried about unpaid salaries

The number of junket licences has decreased in recent years.
The number of junket licences has decreased in recent years.

Concerns have been raised that former junket operators will be unable to pay the salaries owed.

Macau.- The Macau Gaming Industry Employees Home has reported that many former VIP junket employees are still owed salaries and compensation from their ex-employers. Former junket employees are reportedly concerned about whether the operators have the funds to make the overdue payments.

The number of junket operators licensed to conduct business in Macau has dropped significantly. Of 235 operators in 2013, only 36 remained in January 2022.

Last year, the association surveyed casino staff who previously worked for VIP junket operators SuncityTak Chun, and Guangdong Group. The survey indicated that 86.1 per cent of respondents had no choice but to leave their jobs with voluntary resignation packages. 

Some 85.1 per cent remained unemployed and had no professional experience or skill other than working in the casino. Those who gained new jobs in sales and food delivery were often dissatisfied with the pay and wanted to return to gaming.

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