Crown whistleblower sues company for damages

Crown whistleblower sues company for damages

A former employee that went to jail due to the operator’s business in China has filed a claim at the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Australia.- One of the former Crown Resort employees who was jailed in China in 2016 for promoting gambling is now is now suing the company.

Jenny Jiang, a former employee who helped uncover the failings that led to the current investigations into the casino operator’s actvities is suing the company for damages and misbehaviour.

She alleges that firm’s actions hurt her and her family, as she was called a “gold digger” for having blown the whistle on Crown after the 2016 incident.

Crown published an ad questioning Jiang’s “objectivity” and citing “an unsuccessful demand for compensation from Crown of over 50 times her final annual salary.”

Jiang’s lawyer, Jeremy King, says she wants to shine a light on Crown’s disregard for employees and its breaches of its duty of care as an employer.

King said: “Crown’s treatment has really impacted on her psychologically and continues to impact her on a day to day basis.”

Jiang worked as an administrative assistant for five years with Crown’s Shanghai operations. She had a basic annual salary of AU$27,000 (US$20,413).

When comparing her income to those from Crown’s sales department Jian said to the media: “We actually get the risk of this job, but your risk is not equal to how much you get paid.”

Crown Resort is facing several legal battles. Shareholders are suing for losses due to the company’s approach to its Chinese operation.

A new legal claim from shareholders seeks compensation from losses due to Crown’s non-compliance with anti-money laundering rules between December 2014 and October 2020.

Crown is also under investigation by Australia’s financial crime agency, AUSTRAC.

The incidents were uncovered during a hearing held by the New South Wales Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA), which is currently deciding if Crown is fit to keep the casino licence for its new Barangaroo property.

ILGA’s investigation has already delayed the December opening of the casino and hotel resort. A final ruling is due to be announced in February 2021.

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