China backs Philippine efforts to address issues with online gambling operators

China backs Philippine efforts to address issues with online gambling operators

The Chinese Embassy in Manila has voiced support for the country’s crackdown on illegal offshore gaming.

The Philippines.- The Chinese Embassy in Manila issued a statement on Thursday (April 18) expressing its support for the Philippines’ efforts to address issues related to offshore gambling operators, now known as International Gaming Licensees (IGL). The embassy said it communicates with Philippine law enforcement agencies on offences related to gambling operators and supports the country in addressing the root causes of problems.

It emphasised that gambling is illegal in China and that it does not condone Chinese nationals engaging in such business abroad. It said the Chinese Embassy believes gambling to be a social menace, and that Chinese people are victims of offshore gambling. It added that the Chinese government consistently reminds its nationals overseas to abide by local laws and regulations.

This statement comes after the arrests of several Chinese nationals for possession of high-powered firearms and attempted bribery. On Thursday, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) reported that 76 Chinese nationals were among the 401 foreigners had been barred from entering the country due to various immigration violations from March to early April. Vietnamese nationals topped the list at 254, according to BI commissioner Norman Tansingco. 

In February, the House of Representatives Committee on Games and Amusements approved two measures, House Bill 5082 and Resolution 1197, which seek to ban offshore gambling operators

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