Calls to reopen Christmas Island casino

Calls to reopen Christmas Island casino

Authorities think the resort could have a future as more Australians look to holiday on the island.

Australia.- With more Australians looking to spend vacations on Christmas Islands and the Cocos Islands due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, local authorities are considering attempting to re-licence the formers’ once famous casino resort.

There has been a surge of interest in holidays on the islands, which are duty-free territories because Australians will not have to quarantine once they return to the mainland.

The Christmas Island Tourism Association says it cannot recall interest being so high, and that the island is attracting a broader range of travellers.  

Christmas Island has a clifftop resort and casino which has been closed since 1998. It used to get visitors from Indonesia and Malaysia but since closure has only been used to occasionally house federal government workers.  

Local authorities believe they are missing out on an opportunity which would also help finance infrastructure on the island. 

Christmas Island shire councillor Gordon Thomson told WA Today that until 2019 the island had been making progress on getting the government to reopen the facility but that the decision belongs to the cabinet.

He said: “It’s a complete and utter waste. I call it an economic crime. The community wants it and it was successful. It’s a significant piece of real estate and it should happen.”  

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