BetBarter Vanuatu Blast to be the first cricket T10 League after lockdown

BetBarter Vanuatu Blast to be the first cricket T10 League after lockdown

BetBarter Vanuatu Blast will be held at the Vanuatu Cricket Ground in May – June 2020.

Vanuatu.- BetBart is delighted to announce a sponsorship with Vanuatu Cricket Association Committee for conducting a three-team T10 Men’s Cricket Tournament, “BetBarter Vanuatu Blast”.

This will be the first cricket tournament to be held after lockdown. Vanuatu Cricket Association promotes the spirit of cricket in Vanuatu. The passion, commitment and talent of the local cricketers for the sport and its promotion, encourage the development of cricket in all of Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Cricket began as the ‘Vanuatu Cricket Association (VCA)’ after its affiliation to the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 1995. The development program of VCA began in 2001 with 400 participants and development officers.

Along with the VCA, BetBarter is set to promote the local talents and develop those local talents into world-class cricketers.

Andrew for BetBarter explains: “In the emerging competitive world of cricket, a little push plays an important role in fueling the growth of the local talents and building a strong base for them. Vanuatu Cricket Association has proven itself to be highly effective at unleashing the talents of the local talents’ spirit in the world of cricket.”

BetBarter will be making available the sponsorship for the upcoming tournament entitled “BetBarter Vanuatu Blast” to all Vanuatu cricketers taking part in the league after lockdown. This will provide them with access to BetBarter resources and give them the power to accelerate their talent and growth in the competitive world of cricket.

Vanuatu Cricket Association CEO Shane Deitz says: “We’re thrilled to be working with BetBarter. There’s an incredibly strong alignment between our two organizations’ commitments for promoting talented local cricketers throughout the world.”

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