Australia’s Betr fined again for marketing breach

The fine was issued by the Racing Commission in the Northern Territory.
The fine was issued by the Racing Commission in the Northern Territory.

The sports betting platform faces fines totalling AU$75,000 for three breaches.

Australia.- Betr, a new sports betting platform owned in part by News Corp, has been hit with another fine. The Racing Commission in the Northern Territory has ordered it to pay AU$55,000 for sending unsolicited direct marketing communications in its first week of operation.

The regulator found that Betr employees as well as contractors for Betr subsidiaries made phone calls to individuals who did not consent to receive marketing materials. It warned that for repeat offences, it would “carefully consider” other disciplinary measures under the law, including suspension or cancellation of licenses.

This follows a previous fine of AU$20,000 in December when Betr was found to have breached the industry code after it contacted someone on a self-exclusion register. The company has recently been exploring the purchase of the Australian operations of PointsBet, currently valued at AU$463m on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Earlier this month, The Northern Territory Racing Commission fined Amused Group, operator of the BetNation brand, AU$13,770 for sending a promotional offer to hundreds of customers who had asked to be excluded from betting.

Amused sent an email was sent to 7,713 customers to announce that it would accept wagers of up to AU$1,000 on any horse in the Melbourne Cup, with chances to win bonuses of up to AU$50 if a selected horse placed second to 10th. The email was received by 772 people who had requested a ban from gambling through the regulator or directly with the company.

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