Alvin Chau indicted on charges of money laundering

Alvin Chau was arrested on cross-border gambling accusations in November.
Alvin Chau was arrested on cross-border gambling accusations in November.

The former CEO of Suncity Group Holdings has also been accused of founding and heading a secret association and organising illegal gambling.

Macau.- Six months after his arrest, Alvin Chau Cheok Wa, former CEO of Suncity Group Holdings, has been indicted for allegedly founding and leading a criminal group and money laundering. He was arrested in November together with 11 others.

According to TDM Radio, Chau Cheok Wa could face a prison sentence of between eight and 15 years for the crimes of which he is accused.

Chau Cheok Wa resigned as CEO of Suncity Group Holdings a day after his arrest. At the time, the company said in a statement: “In the event that the group loses the support of Mr Chau for whatever reason, the financial position, business and operation of the group will be adversely affected.”

Macau police conducted various investigations and collected information dating back to 2019. They claim they found that Chau had established gambling platforms in other countries and invited mainland Chinese residents to participate in illegal online gambling activities.

Chau’s arrest was followed by the arrest of Levo Chan Weng Linth, the former CEO of Macau Legend and chairman of Tak Chun Group who was also arrested on money laundering charges.

After these two high-impact arrests, the majority of the casino operators in Macau decided to cease all transactions with junket operators.

Authorities in Macau are currently working on a bill that proposes changes to the legal framework concerning junket operations. In the first reading30 MPs voted in favour while one voted against the bill. Amendments may be proposed, after which the bill will be sent back to the General Assembly for its final reading.

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