7 arrested for alleged illegal online mahjong betting in Japan

7 arrested for alleged illegal online mahjong betting in Japan

Those arrested include a US citizen.

Japan.- Kyoto Prefectural Police have arrested seven people, including a US citizen, for alleged involvement in operating an illicit online mahjong betting platform. It’s a alleged that Dora Mahjong saw revenue of JPY2.3bn (US$15.3m) in more than ten years

It’s the first instance of suspected online casino operators facing legal action in Japan. Among those arrested is Randall Aaron Asher, aged 36 and a resident of Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture. They are accused of soliciting service fees while enabling six customers to engage in gambling activities on the platform from March to December 2023. 

While Asher and two others have reportedly admitted to the charges, the remaining four claim to have been unaware of the site’s illegality.

In Japan, gambling is illegal outside officially authorised establishments. The website in question purported to operate under an Isle of Man licence. It was marketed as “the sole online mahjong gambling platform accessible in Japan.” The site reportedly had approximately 74,000 members and levied fees amounting to 10-15 per cent of players’ winnings.

Typically, online casinos operate through servers located overseas, however, Kyoto police determined that the seven suspects conducted their operations primarily within Japan.

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