161 slots machines seized in Thailand

161 slots machines seized in Thailand

The illegal slots machines were found in Pattaya, in a commercial building where an unlicensed casino was being set up.

Thailand.- The Thai police is trying to track the owner of 161 illegal slots machines that were seized in the Pattaya area.

The machines were sequestered after being found in a commercial building in Nongprue. the evidence suggests an illegal casino was being set up on at least two floors of the three-storey building.

Other areas of the building seemed to have been prepared for exchange operations, machine repairmen and as housing for staff, the police reported.

The machines are believed to have been smuggled into Thailand and appeared to have been used recently.

Gambling in Thailand during Covid-19

The Thai government has recently launched three new sub-committees that will try to tackle the country’s illegal gambling dens, which have been signalled as a major source of Covid-19 infections.

The goal is to present the findings to a central committee and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, who leads the decision-making process in the fight against Covid-19 in Thailand.

The country is debating the possibility of legalising gambling as a way to tackle the problem of illegal gambling dens.

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