145 banned from leaving China due to cross-border gambling

China continues to tackle cross-border gambling.
China continues to tackle cross-border gambling.

China has invalidated the passports of 145 people for being involved in cross-border gambling activities and fraud.

China.- China has cancelled the passports of 145 people due to their involvement in cross-border gambling.

Those involved have been banned from leaving the country for three years.

According to local media, 71 of the 145 Chinese nationals were arrested for illegally crossing national borders, while 19 of them were repatriated from neighbouring countries.

China has recently changed its criminal code to make it illegal for anyone to assist others in cross-border gambling.

In 2020, the Ministry of Public Security reported that police had investigated more than 17,000 cross-border gambling cases and arrested 110,000 people.

Gambling is illegal under Chinese law except for in the Macau SAR. 

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